Greensburg Spartan Group X (SGX)

TruFit Gym - True Health and Fitness

At True Health and Fitness we utilize both our indoor and outdoor training facilities to create a fun yet challenging workout. As a Certified Spartan Race Coach, Dr. Kevin Andrews, implements a multiphase training plan that can prepare you for the toughest obstacle races or “mud runs.”

SGX brings the excitement and adventure of obstacle racing into fitness facilities and boot camps around the world. SGX is a group fitness experience that will catapult your entire perception of fitness, health, and genetic potential into an entirely new realm. SGX, much like its mother Spartan Racing, is about setting new standards and defeating the ill-informed, self-imposed limits we all create for ourselves on a daily basis. SGX isn’t just about exercise, it is about changing people from the inside out, it is about fitness, diet, embracing physical and mental challenges, and a positive can-do attitude.

Keep up to date with announcements and to see the schedule of classes visit Greensburg Spartan Group X Facebook page.