NYCC Alumni Spotlight: Pairing Up

Kevin and Emily Andrews- True Health and Fitness


Dr. Kevin and Emily Andrews were featured in the most recent publication of New York Chiropractic College’s alumni magazine. Visit the link and check out pages 15, 22, and 28!

Alumni Spotlight –

“Pairing Up”: Emily Andrews, MS, LAc (‘10), and Kevin Andrews, DC (’09)

Kevin Andrews met fellow NYCC student Emily (nee Odlum) at a Halloween party. He was studying chiropractic, she acupuncture.  Their relationship blossomed as did the integrated practice they built.

How did we Get Here?

Both Emily and her father had long benefited from acupuncture – he for tension headaches and she for anxiety, seasonal allergies, and focus.  Emily’s acupuncturist suggested she consider a career in the field and, armed with a bachelor’s degree from Hood College in Frederick, Md., she entered NYCC’s program. “The program here is exceptional,” she said.  Students were exposed to a variety of clinical opportunities and encouraged to develop their own treatment styles.  The integrative internships were like no other, instructors and staff were supportive and the campus facilities more extensive than those of most acupuncture schools.

Hailing from Greensburg, Pa., Kevin graduated Penn State with a BS in business management and marketing and minored in life sciences.  As a teenager he’d seen an assortment of doctors and specialists as he sought relief from plagued back pain. His failure to find relief from conventional medicine encouraged his serious consideration of chiropractic.  He visited NYCC, spoke with a number of chiropractors, students and advisors, and is grateful the NYCC advisors dissuaded him from changing his undergraduate major – his business education has paid off.

While Emily credits her parents and acupuncturist, Charlotte Rose Kerr, LAc, for their influence over her career decision, Kevin credits an internship with Dr. Elaina Pirro-Lombardi at Meridian Chiropractic in Liverpool, N.Y.  They both also feel their coursework, clinical experiences, and internships well-prepared them to hurdle everyday practice challenges.

Married Couple who “Pairs Up”

Following graduation, Emily opened a practice in Shelburne, Vt.  The couple married two years ago, settled in Greenburg, Pa. (not far from Pittsburgh) and launched True Health & Fitness. Their two-room rental space mushroomed into a 2,000 square-foot clinic with six treatment rooms, rehabilitation and full fitness facility offering acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, nutritional counseling, and personal training.  “My integrative approach to healthcare is rooted in my experiences [at NYCC].”  Their integrative background helped them follow the best course of treatment for their patients. Emily sees 40 to 50 acupuncture patients each week while the entire integrated practice may see as many as 100 to 150 patients during that same time.

Emily relishes the fact that acupuncture treats the individuals rather than simply focusing on disease.  She employs a number of diagnostic tools and administers multiple treatments (acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, and more) providing patients with critical health information they may not get through Western medicine.

Dr. Andrews earned his personal training certification from the International Sports Sciences Association as well as a certification from Spartan Group X.  He is confident in his ability to help patients recover from, and to avoid, injury – often pushing them to accomplish things they may never have thought possible.  Most of his patients are active individuals and athletes with a heavy focus on active therapy and rehabilitation.  “We try as hard as possible to have patients take control of their health.  Educating patients on what to do outside the office is just as important as anything we can do in the office,” he explained.

Pearls of Wisdom

Asked what advice best served his career, Dr. Andrews recalls sage counsel offered by Dr. Pirro-Lombardi encouraging him to keep his overhead low, achieve positive treatment results, and to always treat patients with respect.  His advice to others?  “Never compromise your morals and make every decision about your patients with their best interest in mind.”  And also he cautions against new products that promise to make you rich:  “More often than not it will not deliver on that promise.”

Emily stays in touch with many of her former FLSAOM classmates who mutually share resources and business advice and help one another work through difficult cases.  “Just knowing we have each other is comforting,” she said.  She urges those students currently in the program to spend as much time as possible in the clinic; the experience will help shape them into effective and compassionate practitioners.   She also encourages a sense of calm and happiness, advising students take care of themselves so they might better care for others.

What’s Around the Corner?

Dr. Andrews is optimistic. He feels chiropractic will continue to flourish, that its scope of practice will continue to expand, and that chiropractic’s future is largely a function of the way practitioners treat their patients. Emily also feels it is an exciting time to be practicing complementary healthcare. Demand will continue to grow and practitioners will increasingly collaborate.

The Andrews recently bought a home in Greensburg, Pa., where they enjoy spending time with their three dogs and tending their gardens.  Both avid race-car enthusiasts, Kevin is currently focusing on the biggest and best obstacle race – the Spartan Race.  In addition to enjoying music, cooking, and time spent with family, Emily likes to swim and boat in Skaneateles, N.Y.