Snow Shoveling Tips from Your Chiropractor

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The American Chiropractic Association offers this list of tips for shoveling:

  • When the snows come, get up earlier so you do not have to rush before your other daily activities.
  • Layer clothing to keep muscles warm and loose.
  • Always do some warm-up stretching before grabbing the shovel. Cool-downs help as well.
  • Push the snow straight ahead and do not throw it. Walk it to the snow bank.
  • Do not lift snow with your back! Keep your back straight, core engaged and lift with your legs/hips. Push snow straight ahead when able to and never throw snow while turning or twisting.
  • Take frequent breaks to take the strain off muscles. A tired body is asking for injury.
  • Stop if you feel chest pain, become really tired or have shortness of breath. You may need immediate professional help.

The most common injuries are merely sprain/ strain issues related to the muscles and tendons. Commonly a joint of the back get knocked “out of whack” or misaligned. Less common but more serious an injury is the damage that can be done to a disc of the lower spine. This can be devastating and could create a long-term injury.

For more information on how to prevent or treat injuries or pain related to shoveling snow call Dr. Kevin Andrews to set up an appointment for an evaluation and treatment. Dr. Andrews not only helps patient feel better by treating injuries, he also teaches patients exercises to help recover from and prevent injuries. Call today to set up an appointment! 724-205-6377