Meet the Team: Kieran Diorio

How are you connected with True Health and Fitness?   


About 6 years ago I suffered from chronic low back pain that became worse and worse.  I shopped around and tried every possible solution, with no lasting results.   I was miserable- frankly worn down to a shadow of my potential from the chronic pain of my situation....  

Right after a visit to a specialist were I was told drugs were the only path, I sulked around my small hometown here and went into a downtown store just to take my mind off of the situation.  Sitting on the counter was Emily’s card, and I thought "one more option?".....   This connection turned into a life changing series of steps, where I was able to first minimize the daily pain, then --literally-- do exercises I was told that I "would never be able to do", then... bring it all together into a solid state of health.   

Over the years, the relationship with the clinic grew and grew, and when I decided to open my life coaching practice,  doing so inside True Health and Fitness was a natural part of the progression!

What is your general approach when working with clients?    

Simply stated, I help people accelerate success AND stop sacrificing what's most important to them.  

A maxim in coaching is to "meet the client where they are".  There are many interpretations of this.  For me,  it drove the creation of a concierge practice where the client and I engage a custom process to get the results they want.   What does this mean?

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 9.06.21 PM.png

1. Developing crystal clarity on what the client really, really wants

2. Getting obstacles out of the way

3. Using all capabilities and resources to obtain lasting, meaningful success

When we engage this simple, powerful approach- the client sets the course, "hits the gas", and (often, finally) takes off the brakes, with powerful results.   This is what human's experience when we have that sense of "flow" or being in "the zone" or even "time flying" as we have a successful experience.   

For anyone felling "stuck" - I'd like to share that this is totally normal and extremely common, largely due to our focal point.    We often focus on the acceleration OR  the brakes,    either speeding up just to hit the same old obstacles or simply, remaining stuck.   If you are feeling the frustration /exhaustion of this- call me!

“I’m dedicated to helping you”- Kieran Diorio

“I’m dedicated to helping you”- Kieran Diorio

What is your favorite tool for staying motivated?

I'll get a bit woo-woo here, but I'm woo-woo and not afraid to say it!!!  

Humans are energetic beings. We possess and employ many types/levels of energy.  Some types are associated with the stress and "effort" we experience in life. Other types are related to our joy, fulfillment, connection, and success.

With some awareness and training, we can tap into any of these levels, at will.      

One of my major ways to stay motivated is to tap into higher energy levels, even in the face of a challenge or sadness.  I'm not talking about being naive or mindlessly optimistic.  

I am talking about:

  • setting energetic goals, 

  • employing the correct associated tools/behaviors to tap into my desired energy levels, 

  • and loving the results!! 

If you were to pick one mantra for our readers, what would it be?

"Today's problems CANNOT be solved at the same level of thinking that created them"

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love exercise, family time, outdoor adventures - especially things that combine them all!!!!