Meet the Team: Sarah Zagorce

Each month we feature someone from the True Health and Fitness team on this blog. This month we interviewed Sarah Zagorce, a personal trainer and part-time receptionist at True Health and Fitness.


What type of personal training do you offer at True Health and Fitness?

I offer women’s semi-private strength training with programs designed around each individuals needs and goals. Each session is a unique blend of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Health and physical longevity are always valued first and foremost.

Who is you ideal personal training client?

My ideal personal training client is a woman looking to get stronger, move better, and most importantly live a better life. I want to make women feel proud and confident in what their bodies can do, not obsess over what they look like, because when you focus on your health and physical capabilities first, looking good naturally follows.

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You recently became a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, how will your experience with this coaching program influence your personal training?

Compared to other certification courses I have completed in the past, the CPPS has provided me with more indepth practical knowledge. It was designed by one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country, Joe DeFranco, who coaches top level professional athletes. The program involved lectures on pre-movement preparation, breathing techniques, fundamental movement patterns, and athletic strength and power development. Not only do these subjects apply to team sports, but they also carry over into all types of physical activity, including things we do in everyday life.


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What is your favorite tool for staying motivated?

My favorite tool to stay motivated is constantly setting strength and skill goals. It’s definitely way more fun to go to the gym when you progressively feel yourself getting stronger and/or your body is moving in ways you never thought it could. When I first started exercising in a gym over 14 years ago, I was definitely one of those people who just did rounds on machines trying to get lean. Two years later I met my husband and I owe a lot to him for teaching me what true physical health and strength is about. So for example, rather than beating yourself up about your pant size, try making a goal to deadlift your body weight, or even perhaps deadlift double your body weight. Maybe you’ve never been able to hold a handstand or run an 8 minute mile. Make those your goals and start working towards them. It’s never too late!


What do you like to do in your spare time?

On the weekends, you will usually find me using all of the skills I work on in the gym and  applying them outside. I love hiking, biking, rock climbing, and just about anything that involves being outdoors. To relax, I love curling up on the couch with a good book and snuggling with my husband.


Hey, we recognize you from The White Rabbit, right?

Yes, you may know me as one of your local Greensburg baristas who pours cute little designs in your lattes. I am very blessed to work two places I truly enjoy with people I really love. It’s also fun being a part of such a great little community.

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