Acupuncture Photography Project: Part 2

Autumn Stankay of SkySight Photography and Emily Andrews, LAc of True Health and Fitness have continued their collaboration to create beautiful and accurate photos of acupuncture and the encompassing modalities. Check out this blog post to see Part 2 of The Acupuncture Photography Project!

Acupuncture Photography Project

Our acupuncturist, Emily Andrews, is working on a very exciting project with local photographer (and friend) Autumn Stankay of SkySight Photography. This is the first part of an ongoing series that blends the art of...

Save Your Turkey Bones! Benefits of Bone Broth

Save your turkey bones this Thanksgiving to make a delicious and nutrient dense bone broth!
There are many benefits to consuming homemade bone broth. According to Chinese Medicine bone broth is considered to...

NYCC Alumni Spotlight: Pairing Up

Dr. Kevin and Emily Andrews were featured in the most recent publication of New York Chiropractic College’s alumni magazine. Visit the link and check out pages 15, 22, and 28!