class schedule


6:30 AM - Morning Muscle (Jake)

6 PM - Spartan SGX (Kevin)

7 PM - TruFit (Dawn)


6 PM - Spartan SGX (Tony)


6:30 AM - Morning Muscle (Jake)

6 PM - Spartan SGX (Kevin)

7 PM - TruFit (Dawn)


6 PM - Spartan SGX (Tony)


9 AM - Spartan SGX (Kevin)

TruFit: $60/ month

TruFit classes focus on improving overall health and fitness levels. These classes are for anyone interested in group fitness classes.  TruFit is also highly recommended if you are new or returning from a long break (at least 6 months) before continuing to the Spartan SGX classes. 


Morning Muscle: $60/ month

Tired of late nights at the gym? Looking for a morning workout that gets you both ready for the day and improves your athletic ability? Morning Muscle is the class for you. Each class is focused on both aerobic conditioning as well as Olympic/free weight style lifting. No matter if your new to working out or are a driven athlete Morning Muscle allows you to improve on your current skills and reach new levels of athleticism. Each class starts with a long warm up dedicated to waking up the body and is followed with either a circuit or metcon. The second half of the class is all about attaining overall body control and strength through various lifts using free weights, tires, and sleds and is followed by a cool down session of stretching. Don’t let your mornings be boring, join Morning Muscle and make the start of your day the best part of your day.


Spartan SGX: $70/ month

SGX brings the excitement and adventure of obstacle racing into fitness facilities and boot camps around the world. SGX is a group fitness experience that will catapult your entire perception of fitness, health, and genetic potential into an entirely new realm. SGX, much like its mother Spartan Racing, is about setting new standards and defeating the ill-informed, self-imposed limits we all create for ourselves on a daily basis. SGX isn’t just about exercise, it is about changing people from the inside out, it is about fitness, diet, embracing physical and mental challenges, and a positive can-do attitude.


**All classes include the Saturday morning class at no additional charge.**

personal training packages

One-on-one or small groups sessions are tailored to your specific needs by our certified fitness trainers.

Personal Training Pricing

One on One Sessions (price per month)

  • 2x week: $280

  • 3x week: $380

Semi-Private Sessions (price per month)

  • 2x week: $250

  • 3x week: $350

Fitness staff


Dr. Kevin Andrews

Chiropractic Physician

Certified Personal Trainer

Spartan SGX Coach

Co-owner of True Health and Fitness


Tony Dahm

Certified Personal Trainer

Spartan SGX Coach


Shawn Zagorce

Certified Personal Trainer

Underground Strength Coach

Functional Movement Coach

United States Combat Martial Arts Instructor

Training For Warriors Lvl 2 Coach.


Sarah Zagorce

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Bikini Competitor

True Health and Fitness Receptionist


Dawn Flenniken

Certified Personal Trainer

2018 Spartan Race Pittsburgh Winner

TruFit Instructor

Fitness Bikini Competitor

Office Manager of True Health and Fitness


Jake Bringe

Certified Personal Trainer

Morning Muscles Coach