gym membership

Gym Membership Pricing

  • $40/month for Regular Membership
  • $30/month in combination with SGX Classes, TruFit, Personal Training
  • $60/month for Family Plan (immediate household family)

personal training

Personal Training takes place at our fitness facility located at 226 Donohoe Rd in Greensburg.  We are just up the road from Wow Outlets about 4 buildings, right before Hampton Office Supply.

Personal Training Pricing

Individual 1-on-1 Sessions

  • $30 per hour
  • 8 sessions (2x week): $240
  • 12 sessions (3x week): $360

Group 2-on-1 Sessions

  • $25 each person per hour
  • 8 sessions (2x week): $200
  • 12 sessions (3x week): $300

Group 3-on-1 Sessions

  • $20 each person per hour
  • 8 sessions (2x week): $160
  • 12 sessions (3x week): $240

class schedule


6 PM - Spartan SGX

7 PM - TruFit (Dawn)



5 PM - TruFit (Kevin)

6 PM - Spartan SGX

7 PM - TruFit (Tony)


6 PM - Spartan SGX

7 PM - TruFit (Dawn)


5 PM - TruFit (Kevin)

6 PM - Spartan SGX

7 PM - TruFit (Tony)


9 AM - Spartan SGX

TruFit classes

TruFit classes focus on improving overall health and fitness levels. These classes are for anyone interested in group fitness classes, but not necessarily OCR (Obstacle Course Racing).

TruFit is also highly recommended if you are new or returning from a long break(at least 6 months) before continuing on to the Spartan SGX classes.  If you have any doubt if you are ready for the SGX classes completion of the TruFit classes which will last 12 weeks will prepare you to keep up in the SGX classes.

LEVEL 1 TruFit will be lead by one of our superstars, Dawn Flenniken, CPT, Tony Dahm, CPT, or Jessica Gardner, CPT.  All of these trainers are certified through the ISSA, and have proven themselves in our classes, at races, and by their outstanding attitude both on and off the course!

If you are new, we highly recommend you start with the Level 1 TruFit class (Unless you can do 100 burpess in 5 minutes).  Saturday Spartan SGX classes are open for anyone in any of the classes to attend.  

Level 1 TruFit classes start at the beginning of every month this year!  So if you miss out on the Level 1 starting in January we will have one beginning in February as well!

TruFit Unlimited Class Pass:

  • $50 per month

Spartan SGx

SGX brings the excitement and adventure of obstacle racing into fitness facilities and boot camps around the world. SGX is a group fitness experience that will catapult your entire perception of fitness, health, and genetic potential into an entirely new realm. SGX, much like its mother Spartan Racing, is about setting new standards and defeating the ill-informed, self-imposed limits we all create for ourselves on a daily basis. SGX isn’t just about exercise, it is about changing people from the inside out, it is about fitness, diet, embracing physical and mental challenges, and a positive can-do attitude.

Spartan SGX Unlimited Class Pricing:

  • $60 per month

Fitness staff