Dr. Kevin Andrews

Owner,  D.C., C.P.T, SGX

Dr. Andrews is a chiropractic physician that focuses on whole body wellness. This includes diagnosis and treatment of specific injuries to allow implementation of lifestyle changes to improve overall health and well-being. Dr. Andrews also has a background in personal training and understands the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Dr. Andrews completed his Bachelor of Sciences undergraduate studies at Penn State University, and then moved on to graduate from the New York Chiropractic College located in the Finger Lakes region of New York. NYCC is a fully accredited chiropractic college that emphasizes evidence based medicine in a multidisciplinary setting. Through his studies at NYCC he had the opportunity to treat patients at different settings including VA hospitals, community hospitals, and in a hospice setting. He had the privilege during the last nine months of his education to work at an internship in Syracuse, NY where the majority of his patients were referred directly from an urgent care center of the adjacent hospital. He was able to build great relationships with all types of practitioners including MDs, PAs, RNs, nurse practitioners, physiatrists, and neurologists. He is very comfortable co-managing patient’s care with other physicians, and has excellent communication skills necessary to relay patient information to appropriate physicians.

He has a strong interest in sports related injuries, rehabilitation, and building individualized exercise routines.

Participating in many types of sports growing up and participating in obstacle racing he has seen firsthand the stress and injuries that sports can place on the human body. He witnessed the body’s limitations and learned the correct way to train the body to improve performance, and reduce the chance of injury. Dr. Andrews will use that knowledge in the office to help improve recovery time, prevent future injuries, and help his patients meet their training goals.